Flameworks: Gabi Marcellus-Temple


A collaboration of local artists present Flameworks:

Louise Rabey

Louise’s quirky paintings and drawings revolve around fantasy and the imagination. They also reflect her love of animals.

Gabi Marcellus-Temple

Gabi’s installations and project involve experimenting with drawing as a means of communication. The prints on sale formed part of the ‘Ancestral’ installation shown at Flameworks in October 2014. More information is available at www.flameworks.org

Dom Marcellus-Temple

Dom’s photographs are taken to inform his work, often during contemplative walks.

Mark Gregory

Mark produces fine art sculpture in metal.

Carol Whibley

Carol makes whimsical sculptures in a variety of media.

Angie Wickenden

Angie’s practice as a contemporary studio potter is informed by her expertise in experimental archaeology. She digs and processes her own clays locally and uses a range of modern and Neolithic techniques.

Jane Stevens

Jane makes colourful mosaics for garden and home.

Piers Edsall

Piers works in metal, wood and recycled materials, creating unique, sculptural pieces.

Debbie Smith

Debbie’s exquisite drawings show her close relationship with and love of horses.

Sarah Mather

Sarah designs and makes her own jewellery using silver and semi-precious stones.

Val Muddyman (SlickSilver Jewellery)

Val designs and makes jewellery using anodised aluminium to create a unique effect.

Mary Toon

Mary’s felt accessories and objects are beautiful and unusual.

Heidi Green

Heidi makes contemporary studio pottery.

Jill Coughman

Jill creates vibrant paintings based on her life experience.

Jeni Mattock

Jeni’s colourful textiles and paintings reflect her love of the local landscape and the sea.